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This video describes where to find "help" if it is missing from FaxUtil.

In some versions of the FaxUtil client, you may notice that the Help menu does not contain the manual or user guide for the product.

Here is the Help Menu as shown in the RightFax 10.5 version of FaxUtil

Here it is in the RightFax 10.6 version of FaxUtil

And finally, here it is in the RightFax 16.2 version of FaxUtil

Although it may be missing from the Help menu, it still exists and there is a way you can access it.

If you browse to the following location:

C:\Program Files (x86)\RightFax\Shared Files\English

and then look for the FaxUtil.chm file, you can directly open this file and you now have the “FaxUtil Online Help” or User Guide for the product.

To make things easy, right-click on the file and then select the “Send To” item and choose “Desktop (create shortcut).  You now have a shortcut to this file for quick access to it if you need it in the future.