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This video discusses the issue of faxes stuck in a "Scheduled to be sent" status in FaxUtil.

The core issue with this issue is that RightFax has gotten into a status whereby for the particular fax, RightFax does recognize that there is an available channel to send on.

There are some items you can check to try and resolve this.

First, check the RightFax DocTransport Module Service and the status of your fax channels in RightFax.
If the channels look ok, you may still want to reset the service. Verify on restart that the RightFax DocTransport OEM service is started and also that the Dialogic Corporation Boston Host service has started without errors.

If you are still seeing the same fax or faxes stuck in "Scheduled to be sent" the next item to check is the database connection, make sure the RightFax Database Module service is running without errors.

Last, check the Microsoft Message Queue and see if items are stuck in any of the doctransport queues.
MSMQ is responsible for relaying the messages from underlying components in the Presentation layer in Windows.

You can verify the location of the MSMQ server in the RightFax DocTransport module.

As a final note, if you see a fax stuck in this state for days, weeks or months but you are not seeing this issue on a regular basis then there could be corruption with this specific fax, if you are not able to view the fax or fax history when checked, this is a good indicator of corruption. The easiest option here is to delete the old fax job and re-send the fax as needed.

If all else fails get in touch with support for assistance with tracking down the cause of your "Scheduled to be sent" faxes.

As always if you have any questions about this topic or any topic in the world of faxing let us know at The Fax Guys, we are always happy to help.