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This video shows you how to resolve an issue with the status of outgoing faxes under certain conditions.

In RightFax 10.6FP3SR2 or later, when using Least Cost Routing Dialing Rules to route faxes to Remote DocTransports, outgoing fax statuses do not update.

This can be caused by a mis-configuration of Private queues in Microsoft Message Queueing used by the RightFax server.

MSMQ message queues can be located in Computer Management under Administrative Tools in Services and Applications. The RightFax queues in MSMQ are private queues.

To Resolve, in addition to other RightFax queues in MSMQ, verify the following 3 Private queues exist:


Verify the permissions on the queues have both the account used for the RightFax service account and Everyone have Full Control over the queues.

If any faxserver or doctransport private queues are missing, they will need to be manually created. When the queues are manually created, they may not have the service account added to the security, nor have Everyone set to full control.

After adding the queues or updating queue permissions as needed, you should now see outgoing fax status for your LCR faxes updated as expected.

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