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This video will show you how to deal with the print processor for the RightFax Fax Printer on a client PC getting changed.

Windows Updates or installation of a new printer on a client PC has been known to change the print processor on the RightFax Fax Printer from “rfprint” to something else. When this happens, print-to-fax operations will not produce the Fax Information window after sending to the RightFax Fax Printer. Additionally, documents added as attachments in FaxUtil may get stuck in, or even fail conversion.

What I’m about to show you won’t prevent your print processor from getting changed, but it can set it back to rfprint if it has been altered.

The first thing we’ll do is open Active Directory Users and Computers on our Domain Controller. I’m going to create a new Group and will call it “Rightfax Daemon” and will keep the Group Type set as “Security”. Since I already have my RightFax users in an OU called “RightFax Users”, I’ll select them all and then right-click and select “add to a group”. I’ll type my “Rightfax Daemon” group name here and select “check names” to make sure it is found, then click “ok”.

Next, we have a script that will change the print processor back if it’s been altered. I’m placing this in a “Scripts” folder on my domain controller, since that’s where the Scheduled Task will be set up using Group Policy. This is a .txt file, so we need to rename the file extension to .vbs for it to work. When I set up the share properties, I’ll make it so that only Administrators can access it. The script we used here will be attached to this page for you to download. Please note that The Fax Guys assumes no liability from your use of this script.

Now we need to set up a scheduled task to run the script on an end-user’s PC that has FaxUtil installed and could be potentially affected if the print processor on the RightFax Fax Printer changes. From the Server Manager on your Domain Controller, go to “tools” and then select Group Policy Management. Make sure Domains is expanded and then expand your domain here and right-click Group Policy Objects and select "new". Give the GPO a name. I'm going to call it Client - fix RightFax Print Driver. Now click "ok"
Right-click the Group Policy Object you just created and select "edit"
Under Computer Configuration expand Preferences, Control Panel Settings and then go to Scheduled Tasks
From the Action Menu select New Scheduled Task (at least Windows 7)

Scheduled Task Settings

General tab
Action: Replace
Name: RightFax Daemon Start
Security Options:
When running the task, use the following user account: NT AUTHORITY\System
Run whether user is logged on or not
Run with highest privileges
Configure for: Windows 7

Triggers tab
Begin the task: At log on
Settings: Any user

Actions tab
Action: Start a program
Program/script: C:\Windows\System32\cscript.exe
Add arguments(optional): \\<server>\<share path>\rfaxfix.vbs

Settings tab
Allow task to be run on demand: YES
Run task as soon as possible after a schedule start is missed: YES
If the task fails, restart every: 1 minute
If the task is already running, then the following rule applies: Do not start a new instance

Common tab
Remove this item when it no longer applied: YES
Item-level targeting: If COMPUTER is a member of the Security Group "Rightfax Daemon"

Now that our task is set, all that remains is to test it.
On our client PC, go to Control Panel, open Devices and Printers and then right-click on the RightFax Fax Printer and select “Printer Properties”. Click on the Advanced tab and then click the Print Processor button at the bottom. Change the Print Processor from RFPrint to something else and then click “ok”.

Now if we open a document and attempt to print to the RightFax Fax Printer, you’ll see that we don’t get our Fax Information window. Since our task runs the script that fixes this at log on, we’ll log out of the Windows workstation and then log back in. Now, if we open Control Panel and go to Devices and Printers and open the Printer Properties on the RightFax Fax Printer, you’ll see when we go back to the Advanced tab and click Print Processor that it is set back to RFPrint. Additionally, opening a document and printing to the RightFax Fax Printer now gives us our Fax Information window so we can address our fax and send it.

Right-click this link and choose "save as" to download the script used in this video.