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This video discusses creating and using DOC format cover sheets with RightFax.

Compared to PCL format cover sheet templates, DOC coversheets can be just about as finicky, in their own way.

The main difference between PCL and DOC coversheets is that there is no need to convert the DOC coversheet to PCL output by way of a printer driver intermediary.

We do have an excellent PCL coversheet creation video here on The RightFax University website some I am not going to touch on that topic here much further.

with a DOC coversheet there are a few particular items to be aware of.

The DOC cover sheet variables are a little more complex that PCL so it is a really good idea to start off with one of the sample coversheets included with RightFax and then make modifications to one of these functional examples.

Cover sheets in RightFax are contained in the FCS subdirectory in the \RightFax folder on your server.

DOC coversheets do not need to use native printer fonts, but they will need to process through document conversion by RightFax when a new fax using the cover sheet is created.

Let's take a look at FCS.DOC.

notice when we initially open this in Word there appear to be no docvariable fields listed. This is our first item of interest. We need to make the code viewable in Word.

From Word open the File menu, then OPTIONS and Advanced.

Under "show document content" check the option to enable "Show field codes instead of their values" and now back to the document and we can actually see the list of docvariables that are included on the cover sheet.

These items will pull the metadata from the fax creation dialog into the coversheet for customization. You should now be able to make adjustments to the template as needed: Add graphics or logos, additional text, or add or remove docvariable codes to suit your needs.

Make sure when using text boxes in Word that the text box is large enough to fit all of the text that replaces the code.

If you run into issues with codes not being picked up as expected, make sure you don't have text boxes overlapping or too close to graphics.

Also you can find a listing of the syntax for all of the cover sheet codes you can use in the RightFax Administrator's Guide in the chapter "Creating fax cover sheet templates" Note that not all of the codes work for all formats of coversheets interchangeably.

Last, note also that in contrast to PCL cover sheets, you only need one "{DOCVARIABLE NOTETEXT \* MERGEFORMAT}" for the note text on the coversheet.

Now that we have a cover sheet created, we need to import in into RightFax, and test.
First, upload the new cover sheet onto the RightFax server.

Next, to import a cover sheet in RightFax.

In Enterprise Fax Manager, go to the Utility option on the menu bar and select "Import Cover Sheets" and choose the location where you've uploaded the file to.

That's it, now you are ready to test and use your new cover sheet.

As always if you have any questions about this topic or any topic in the world of faxing let us know at The Fax Guys, we are always happy to help.